Pujas 2007


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Sindur khela over . . .

Meandering through North Calcutta’s narrow streets, the bisorjon procession makes its way towards the Ganges.

Bijoya at my grandmother’s house will not start till they return after the immersion

Another procession.. this time in New Alipore…

Central Avenue at 8.30 PM on Dashami night.

Red Road at 3.00 PM.

A pandal in North Calcutta. This time eco-friendly pavilions are in. Some Pujo watchers see a move away from bling to an emphasis on artistry and authenticity.

Close up of one of the statues made of eco-friendly jute in a pandal in North Calcutta

Some more pictures . . .

Dhunuchi Nach – New Alipore Association Pujo

Dhunuchi Naach on Astami evening

Sandhi Pujo

TV Networks hard at work covering the Puja Celebrations… this one inside Avishikta Housing Complex on EM Bypass

The mandatory CPIM stall in Chetla. They are even catering to children…

Some pictures from the New Alipore Association Puja from yesterday evening.

Click on the pictures to see the larger images

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