Cairo 2008

We were in Cairo, Egypt in the end of April and early May 2008 as a part of our MDP 2008.

The pictures taken – are mostly with the Canon EOS 400D and 18-55 kit lens:

Please click on the pictures to see the large image…

Cairo Airport

The Nile from my room at Ramses Hilton, Cairo.
The bridge is called the 6th October bridge.
The Nile . . . it is not blue but a shade of green

The Nile and the Four Seasons Hotel

Lions guarding the Qasr El Neel’ Bridge over the Nile 

Cairo University

Ornate gates of the Cairo University

Downtown Cairo

Cairo – the palm tree lined roads leading to Tahrir Square.

The Egyptian Museum at a distance

The road leading to the 6th October bridge and our Hotel, the Ramses Hilton, the large building on the centre of the frame.

The rear of the Egyptian Museum

Cairo skyline

Cairo, 2008

Modern Cairo

Dusk on the Nile

Lights on at the Egyptian Museum

Cairo at dusk


6th October bridge at night . . . shot from my room balcony

Our first view of the pyramids. Taken from the 24th floor of the Ramses Hilton.


Cairo skyline

Sunset on the promenade of the Nile

Feluccas on the Nile

Crazy angle shot taken of the Ramses Hilton from the Tour Bus window

Sunset . . . seems that Cairo skyline is aflame

Feluccas parked by the side of the Grand Hyatt, Cairo

The Grand Hyatt Cairo, where we had our MDP 2008

Another view of the Grand Hyatt, Cairo


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