Visit to the Egyptian Museum, Cairo

The Egyptian Museum (officially, the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities) is on the northern edge of Midan Tahrir. An extensive building and massive collection of Egyptian antiquities, the Museum (also commonly referred to as the “Cairo Museum”) was an experience.

Nearly everything, including the death mask and solid gold sarcophagus of Tut-an-kha-mun, is the glorification of afterlife.

Facade of the Egyptian Museum.
No photography inside. The rule is simple, if they see you taking pictures (there are policemen and guards about every 10 ft), they will confiscate the camera. Needless to say, I did not see anyone photographing inside the museum.

The entry gate of the Museum

One of the two sphinx guarding the gate of the Museum
Close-up. It is missing the nose as well.
Antiquities on display on the grounds of the Museum

Hieroglyphics on an obelisk on the grounds of the Museum

A cat on the Museum grounds

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