Postcards from Jubail 1

Landed in Jubail on the 20th of October, after several months of delays to take up an offer with SABIC.

After what I had heard about Saudi Arabia, the passage through Dammam Airport was a breeze. In fact the customs officer told me to enjoy my stay here.
Traveling from Dammam to Jubail in the company provided transport – a Toyota Camry – driven by a Sri Lankan driver (Jaya). Jaya was chatting away while driving at a rock steady 120 kmph.
First view of the desert. It ocurred to me that Saudi Arabia was mostly desert. The specks in the distance was camels.

Sand whipped up by strong winds en route to Jubail. We hit a tyre that some one had left behind after something that should have been a spectacular blowout.

Jubail… next to the King Aziz Naval Base.

Outskirts of Jubail City. Close to a place that was my temporary accommodation.

Having brunch at a cafe near Al-Lulu Dispensary, where we went through a battery of pre-employment medical tests. The coffee and the pizza (with a middle-eastern topping) was brilliant.


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