Postcards from Jubail 2

Some more interesting pictures from Jubail.

Contrary to the popular idea, it is a real city and not a collection of tents and one does not have to live like a Bedouin.

Bangladeshi shop – advertising all that is necessary for Bangladeshis to flock here. This shop is less than a stone’s throw from where I live and get my cigarettes, juices and water from.

Took the trouble of going to one of the best restaurants in Jubail – called COCO – to pick up two Shawarmas for dinner (@ 4 SR each). They are large.. in fact very large (my cross pen is there for comparison). I thought I will have 2 for dinner since this is the start of the weekend. Have given up after just one.

It is loaded with roast lamb slices. It is brilliant. Hope it does not become a habit….

Jubail at night… 7.20 pm taken while I was waiting for my Shawarmas. There is a McDonald sign, that is barely visible behind the palms. The lighted area on the right is called the international market. The left is the Safeway Super Store. The spot from where the picture has been taken, is about a 30s walk from my main door.
Downtown Jubail. The other direction of the same road. The place till where the street lights are visible is the Jubail city center. The Nikon dealer for Saudi Arabia is on the right , about 50m away. The multi-coloured sign on the left is Samba Bank (Saudi American Bank).

A view of the roof of my flat. There, in the front you can see Samba Bank.


2 thoughts on “Postcards from Jubail 2

  1. hey…
    i dnt knw ur name… but frnd, u have jst made my eyes fill with these amazing wnerful pics of jubail…. Well i am an Indian but was born n bought up in jubail.. we (me n my parnts) left jubail 8 years before.. since then i have been longing t see jubail atlst via pics…but as u knw , u rarerly find pictures taken frm jubail as it seems photography is nt allowd… But afta seein ur pics wid such a wonderful n breif xplation abt d scene- Mcdnlds, jubail cntr(frm whr i bought my 1st swiss watch, COCO rstnt(a place whr u get d best shawrmas n broasted chckn), sameway supr markt (our family shopping store), FAnateer n Fanateer MALL (weeknd destination)…..,Aaah, i am able to see d present jubail by closing my eyes….Thnks a lot frnd…
    n yes der is sum parts of jubail whch u have missd…d vry famous IIS-J school d only Indian- Intrnational schol in jubail n one amongst d 4 in entire KSA… u must also upload pics f d buildings at d othr end of jeddah street (towards beach)…whr exsistd a famous fish restaurnt named Al- qhayyam .. d building opposite to it is whr i stayed… sun rise frm tht beach is sumthing one shud nevr miss…
    hope u read dis response frm me…n once again thnks a lot

    • Thanks Sujit for your post.

      I have spent nearly 3 years in Al-Jubail while working for SABIC from Oct 2008 till July 2011, after which I relocated to Calcutta, India. I have enjoyed my time in Jubail very much. Sadly, the COCO restaurant is no more. The one in the photograph closed down last year. The best shawarma now is next to the Dawa Center in Jubail.

      I hope these pictures have taken you back to the old days. Things have changed a lot in between.


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