Some more pictures of Jubail…


View of the main street in Jubail, turning in from the boat circle

dscf1891MacDonald sign towering over the city

dscf1892Driving down the main drive in Jubail

dscf1893Sameway Superstore (partially obscured).

This is where we buy our usual weekly requirements… food, veggies, juice and other bric-a-brac.

dscf1894Another shot of the same street. Crossing is a bit tricky as cars drive at 100 kmph down the straight road.

I live behind the large building to the right of the picture. If you remember my earlier post, on the left you can see Samba Bank and Coco restaurant is to the right of the picture.

dscf1895Jubail Center.. on Jeddah street

If you need any electronics and cameras here, you will get it around here

dscf1896Today being Friday and a holiday, the streets are packed with people.

It is “the day out” for most people

dscf1897Turning left on to Port Road.. this road leads to Highway 6, which again leads to Jubail Industrial City and the Royal Commission Area


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