Visit to Fanateer and Khakheel Beach

Today being a Friday and a holiday, we decided to do a bit of exploring. Our (I and Mehul – a colleague at SABIC – and his family) plan was a drive to Fanateer (the posh area of Jubail and developed by the Royal Commission forJubail and Yanbu), Khakheel beach and then make a stopover at Jarir Bookstore on the way back to Jubail.

dscf1898En route to Fanateer and the beach
This is the way to our office incidentally too.


Turning from the Port Road into Highway 6


Highway 6.. en route to Fanateer


The Royal Commission Building in Fanateer



The beach finally.. standing close to the water. No pictures of people though, you cannot photograph ladies in Saudi Arabia. I have taken extra care not to get into trouble.
Anyway, the beach was packed (you will have to take my word for it) and you could see families enjoying themselves at the beach. The weather being cool, we saw only one person swimming in the sea.

dscf1904Another view of the beach


Yours truly.. not exactly beachwear.. but was my first trip here in any case…

dscf1908Another view…

dscf1909Warning.. according to this sign Children are prohibited from swimming
I gathered that this area is deep and risky

dscf1912Kites at the beach

dscf1914Leaving Kakheel beach…

dscf1916Jarir Bookstore ( This is the largest book and computer store in Jubail. It was amazing . All makes and all models of laptops were on display.

The most interesting find was a Fujitsu-Seimens for SR1690 running Linux. A full sized laptop for less than the price of a Acer Aspire 1. It also had the brilliant Fujitsu keyboard.

As it was nearing 6.30 PM, we decided to go back to Jubail and plan for a major outing next Thursday.


Jubail Industrial City…all these on the right are petrochemical complexes

dscf1920Back to Jubail



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