Home and away

Just a series of interesting pictures taken during my trip home. I had hoped that my next seat would be occupied by someone whom I could chat up with during the long flight.

But that was not to be. It was an office boy on his annual leave from Muscat to Delhi via Bahrain, traveling on his company paid ticket. Nice chap but not one whom you could carry out intelligent conversation.

The Spicejet flight from Delhi to Kolkata was worse. The flight had less than 50% occupancy and as a result, my next 5 seats were empty. So, I did what I could … clicked away and then plugged in my ipod and fell asleep helped by couple of rounds of Smirnoff.


Business end of Bahrain Airport – 12.10 AM


Decending into New Delhi Airport.. about 5.30 AM


Spicejet 9.35 AM shuttle from Delhi to Calcutta

The cloud cover was there from Delhi to about 150 km from Calcutta.

No pictures of the drive home from the airport. Jubail was 18 C when I left and it was a blazing 37 C in Calcutta. It was like a heat shock.

It was more or less the same case on my way back . . . The chap had his fill of scotch and promptly fell of to sleep . . .


Flying out of Mumbai on my way back to Bahrain.


Over the Arabian Sea, with the sun setting


Crusing at 37,000 ft . . .  about 2 hrs out of Mumbai

Nikon D200      18-55 mm Nikon


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