Day trip to Fanateer

We took advantage of a Friday holiday to go to the Royal Commission Area (generally called Fanateer) to visit an colleague and generally drive around.

_D2T1476 B&W

Nakeel Beach… deserted in the late morning. Temperature was hovering in the low 40 Cs.


Driving away from Nakheel Beach




Fanateer Mall and a view of the locality. Fanateer Mall happens to be one of the most upmarket malls in Al-Jubail


Another view. You can see SABIC Building in the background.


The Marina

I was told that some of the crafts are available for hire.


Another view of the Marina. The boat restaurant can be seen in the background.


Another view


The boat restaurant!!


Fanateer Mall


Interesting architecture


SABIC Building in Fanateer


A new block of flats in the Fanateer area


En-route to our colleagues residence


Not the Hollywood Boulevard .. but one of the access roads in the Royal Commission Area


Getting out of Fanateer Mall after lunch


Another view



The parking area

Nikon D200 & 18-55 kit lens


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