Guitars and all that . . .

This is a shop near to where I live, that sells pro-audio equipment along with guitars, synths and audio gear (Bose, Yamaha and Jamo).

There is a nice display of Fender and Yamaha guitars. I dropped in there today morning to have a look at some audio equipment and had my camera with me.

Yamaha acoustic guitars


Close up..

Didn’t get the brand… but looks like the ones used by the heavy metal bands !

More Yamaha acoustic guitars

Fenders on discount…

The shop

Nikon D200; Nikon 18-70 f3.5-4.5 zoom


22 thoughts on “Guitars and all that . . .

  1. Hi There,
    I am looking for a store to purchase a guitar near Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
    Was that store close to Jubail?

    That would be helpful.

    • Yes, it does. If you are on Jeddah Street in Jubail, please locate Sharq Hotel. After Sharq Hotel, there is a Nikon Shop. This shop is directly opposite the Nikon Shop. The shop is called Adawliah.

    • Best would be to go and talk to the guys in Al_Dawliah. I have seen a lot of Filipino guys play the guitar there and they are real good. Anyone of them could teach guitar playing.

  2. salam brother… can i ask wihere can i find guitar store in Najran or khamis.. I can find Guitar store Like Adawliah.. I want to Buy guitar but icouldnt find any Guitar store in Najran and khamis.., My Location Is In between Assir and Najran AREA 2 Project SAudi Binladin group.. IM Also a Pilipino.. working here as a Quantity surveyor.. @ Azis if u really interested ill txt my friend in jeddah so he will teach you but how about the sallary..??hehe im also a guitarist bt icant go there in jeddah its so far.. jeddah to najran..,,

  3. Bro xplore wla alam mo nman sa NAjran par bokid Lang.. sa JEddah bro at sa alkhobar ung sa jeddah nahanap kuna.. sa Sarawat mall..

  4. Hi Dear’s
    Please guys I’m looking for a guitar trainer, really I need to learn how to play guitar. if any one knows a guy who can teach me. please call me or text me on this number 0597977759.. Thanks

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