Got a chance to photograph these top-birds at our ‘Open Day’ programme organized by our Company at the beach camp.

Falconery is still in practice in the Middle East and is used for hunting small game and birds. These falcons are used for hunting.

Calmly sitting on the perch

Embossed hood !!

A pale colored falcon

A different angle

This one was almost regal in appearance..

Another angle

Close up of the hood

These birds, according to the falconeer, had been captured by the falcons last weekend!

falcons in a traditional Arab tent

Nikon D200; Nikon 18-70 f3.5-4.5 zoom @ 400 ASA


One thought on “Falcons

  1. I like the quality of the picutres…these falcons, with their hoods on, seems to be falcon gladiators.

    I am also photo enthusiast and perhaps it would be helpful if you would also include the camera settings for each shot including the make of the camera.

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