More with the Panasonic G1

More pictures with the Panasonic G1.

It was Christmas. By the time I landed back home (it was a working day in KSA), the sun was setting with a lovely glow.



Sunset again . . . the sun sinking lower in the horizon


We had already planned to go out for dinner to a small but famous restaurant called “Baasha”, famous for its pizzas.


Roast chicken and half a ton of French fries with the Panny G1.

f4  1/20 s  400 ASA

Egg n Cheese and Chicken, Olives and Cheese Pizzas

f4  1/15 s  400 ASA

Meat Bread! Meat and meat on the Pizza

f4  1/15 s  400 ASA

The Pizza Chef in action !

f4  1/20 s  400 ASA

Shawarmas . . .no! we were full and left that for another day . .

f4  1/20 s  400 ASA



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