Valentine’s Day, Dhaka

My last trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh, coincided with the Bengali equivalent of the 1st day of spring (Poila Phalgun) and Valentine’s Day.

The Valentine’s Day – to our utter surprise – was bring celebrated with much more gusto that whatever I had seen before. Young boys and girls were going around with roses  and most of the malls and restaurants were choc-a-bloc with boys, girls and couples – all having a good time.

We were stuck in a bad jam on the way to Polton Bazar. The poor guy was on a rickshaw, next to our car, waiting to get to his girlfriend.

Valentine's Day, Dhaka

Valentine's Day, Dhaka

The picture was taken through the dirty rear window of the car. Hence, the spotty picture.

Panasonic G1 | 14-45mm


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