Orange-red Lily

An orange red lily in bloom in the terrace garden.

Somehow I have a feeling that the Leica designed glass of the Lumix 14-45mm Vario handles colors better than either Nikon or Canon glass.

Orange red lily

Orange red lily

Panasonic G1 | Lumix 14-45mm Vario


5 thoughts on “Orange-red Lily

    • Cheers I know where that one is, ! How do you rate your G1,over a full size DSLR, pictures seems very good, but extra lenses expensive.

      • The G1 is a m4/3 camera and I have just the one 14-45mm stock lens with it. Upto 800 ISO, it can compete well with DSLRs. I know that my Nikon D300 is much more customizable and can take brilliant pictures, but I prefer to carry my G1 whenever I am traveling. The Panasonic G5 is on sale at Amazon and you can order it to be delivered in KSA.

    • You can try Abdulwahed – the Nikon Shop – on Jeddah Street next to Sharq Hotel. Alternatively, Jarir Book Store has some good cameras.

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